The Experiments in Fracturing Monocultures

It’s been over a year since The Theory of Fracturing Monocultures was published and during that year, the theory has been successfully tested.

The Twitter hashtag #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen was the first application of the theory. Members of the 4chan board /pol/ created dozens of fake accounts designed to look like women of color. They used the same techniques pixel-based feminists utilize to game social media: dehumanization of critics, signal boosting the mundane, and tone policing. This resulted in several days of white feminists desperately pleading on Twitter to be quiet and listen and eventually the monoculture obeyed.

Soon after that, many of these same accounts were utilized to promote the #endFathersDay hoax. For a week, prominent feminists and feminist blogs actively promoted the idea. Even after the hoax was revealed, the monoculture was not able to quickly disengage from the narrative since the tone of the hashtag was similar to something the monoculture would actually believe.

The results are conclusive: The imperial monoculture of pixel-based feminism -CAN- be fractured, but how was it fractured and why did it fracture?

1.) Self-identification is automatically trusted

The lure of the monoculture is that as long as you self-identify with an orthodox identity, then you will be able to leverage the entire monoculture for your goals. (Promoting blogs, reviews, and other gamified content) However, once the identity is pledged, every action after that will be under imperial review with strict punishment for the slightest violation. This dual incentive for compliance creates a walled garden that, in turn, creates the illusion of a grand ideological unity. Finally, this illusion is essential to the cherished “safe space” of the monoculture and to question any component of this complete illusion threatens the safe space.

Therefore, questioning the self-identity of another erodes the illusion of unity, which might erode the safe space, which means all self-identifications must be automatically trusted. Furthermore, the self-identification cannot be considered false as long as it is speaking in the tone of the monoculture as a whole.

In the event of #solidarityIsForWhiteWomen, members actively feared being labeled a racist, which means that questioning the self-identity of a woman of color would result in potential excommunication.

In the event of #endFathersDay, the self-identification was automatically trusted, allowing the narrative to get as loud as it did.

2.) The safe space is sacred

The safe space is only possible through absolute obedience to the monoculture. However, the same obedience shields it from criticism, which in turn, dramatically weakens the monoculture’s ability to adapt over time.

The safe space is sacred. Anything that is responsible for the safe space is sacred. The initial conditions responsible for that safe space are also sacred, so if there is a fundamental error in the design, then it is the fault of the believer, not the monoculture.

In the event of #solidarityIsForWhiteWomen, the safe space was totally shattered and had to be forcefully recreated by asking the monoculture to “be quiet and listen.” Members of the monoculture were quick to blame themselves for not listening to women of color… without overtly self-identifying as racist themselves. (Though, is is theoretically possible members will even self-identify as racist if that means they get to retain membership within the monoculture)

In the event of #endFathersDay, instead of shattering the safe space, agitators spoke in the appropriate tone to amplify it. The monoculture generated a believable tone that was quickly championed for several days. When it was revealed that the safe space was actually compromised from the start, the monoculture was quick to lay blame and generated a new safe space. There must always be a safe space or the monoculture cannot provide returns. Members were not allowed to conclude that safe space -can- be compromised, because that would invalidate its holiness.

Therefore, the safe space is entirely open to be manipulated (either to be destroyed or to be amplified) by -any- identity (and thus, invalidate its promise of safety) because the monoculture is not allowed to examine fundamental flaws in its own structure.

3.) You must find an enemy

The monoculture rewards the membership that engages in imperial conquest. By denouncing, humiliating, or otherwise dehumanizing a supposed enemy of the monoculture, the conqueror is rewarded in retweets, likes, upvotes, reblogs, and other arbitrary metrics of progress. The more targets that are attacked, the more points they receive. This naturally creates a structure that rewards any attack on anything, regardless of fault, through increasingly under-handed tactics.

Therefore, the monoculture exists to provide incentives for perpetual acts of dehumanization.

In the event of #solidarityIsForWhiteWomen, black membership attacked white membership, and when the agitators magnified the vitriol of the attack, white membership dehumanized itself in proportion to the vitriol.

In the event of #endFathersDay, the success of the trend was based entirely on fulfilling the required mandate of dehumanizing an enemy of the monoculture, in this case, fathers.

If there isn’t an enemy, one must be found because there is no other way to collect points.


Even in the wake of two successful attempts at covert manipulation, the monoculture has not even attempted to fix its fundamental flaws. With the advent of #NotYourShield, the three aforementioned fracture points were tested and broke yet again.

Citing the previous two attempts against the monoculture, they believed that #NotYourShield was yet another covert operation. They quickly found an enemy, (*chan) and generated a safe space, (“Those aren’t actual minorities, those are sockpuppets”) but this time, the safe space had a very limited amount of authorized identities. (The gamer identity is now forbidden from the monoculture)

It turned out that the hashtag was actually comprised of a significant amount of non-white racial identities as well as female identities. The monoculture leveled their sights on active membership, monoculture supporters, and potential monoculture inductees, and unloaded upon them.

This means that the agitators have successfully exploited the immutable weaknesses of the monoculture (two jabs and then… nothing.  The monoculture took the lead and attacked its own) and can potentially weaponize the entire structure for their own usage. And because of the monoculture’s impulse to punish all criticism, the membership that sees this exploitation isn’t allowed to fix it, (they’ll be forced to fracture off entirely and build a new monoculture) and the membership that cannot see the exploitation are not allowed to hold such a heretical belief, allowing successful agitators to issue internal purges almost at will.

The entire monoculture of pixel-feminism has been demonstrably and irreversibly compromised by non-approved identities because of three fracture points: the complete inability to handle identity emulation, the worship of an impossible standard of safety, and easily provoked bloodlust.  And if one identity (especially one the monoculture hates so much) can direct the wrath of the monoculture against its own kind, then other identities are free to steer it just as easily.

The Putin Short and the Drone Long: The Rise of Petrocurrency Mercantilism

This is a concept I’ve been working on since 2012 because it is the only solution I can think of to the zero bound problem that kept Ben Bernanke awake for his entire career at the Federal Reserve.

To preface, the zero bound problemis a macroeconomic problem that occurs when the short-term nominal interest rate is at or near zero, causing a liquidity trap and limiting the capacity that the central bank has to stimulate economic growth.

Monetarists believe that as long as the central authority continues to buy government bonds, then you’ll continue to have policies that expand GDP while promoting Keynes’s virtuous circle, but only under one condition: You must pay interest on a massive accumulation of reserves in order to prevent inflation.

There is one unfortunate side-effect: commercial banks will not leverage the public as a way to beat the Fed rate.  This means commercial banks will not lend to you because they don’t have to.  The Fed is paying all of the interest itself, so the commercial banks end up with massive cash reserves as well.  Today, the Federal Reserve has a total reserve of $4.4 trillion.  (To drive home the point, review their history of total reserves and see that this technique was recently embraced. )

And it is paying interest on this pile of money as their only way to suppress inflation.

Let’s depart from the technobabble and break this down in plebspeak.

In 2008, The Federal Reserve (the people in charge of all of the dollars you have to accumulate to pay your bills) performed a massive asset swap.  They gave major banks cash in exchange for their toxic mortgage assets.

At nearly the same time, Federal Reserve also started quantitative easing, its long-term policy of purchasing US government bonds.

These two efforts should have most certainly caused inflation (causing gold prices to spike as a hedge, a position I was telling friends to get into in the early days of the 2008 crisis) but the Fed, under the guidance of the monetarists, preemptively positioned one policy as the foundation for the New Normal: they started paying interest on their reserves… two years before the crisis of 2008.

This means that, when a commercial bank takes a loan from the Federal Reserve, they have to pay nearly zero interest on that loan.  This is because the Federal Reserve is paying that interest as was authorized by law in 2006.

This means that commercial banks have no reason to even lend that money out to you to help them beat a near zero rate.  This means both the Federal Reserve and the commercial banks stockpile money since the motivation to involve with the public via interest rates are being handled centrally.

In short, the Federal Reserve is playing Atlas, holding up the world.  And while Krugman only argues from the perspective of the Group of 30 and only sees a liquidity trap, I  argue from the very different perspective: The Federal Reserve is caught in a confiscation trap: assets are first rescued, then increasingly borrowed, then finally outright taken as the only way to reduce the inflation caused by Atlas’s own passing.

In response to this, the world is placing their bets that Atlas will shrug one day.  The Greenspan Put has been met with two outcomes: Putin Short and the Drone Long.

When left unchecked, the confiscation trap eventually has to promote social policies of direct dehumanization, typically achieved through identity politics.  This provides the political will to target marginalized identities with additional asset confiscation.  This generally results in civil war if executed too quickly, however, never before in history have central authorities been able to create a non-human confiscation force.  When weaponized drones are paired with fairly simple object detection, then Atlas can raise a considerable confiscation force without drafting a single soul or importing a single mercenary.  And who will build these drones?  A public that has been systematically smoked out of its opportunity potential by the Federal Reserve playing Atlas.  A public that will gladly build such things in exchange to even a pittance of the massive assets held by both commercial banks and the Federal Reserve.  So, yes, it is different this time around.  This is an investment position I call the Drone Long.

Another valid response to the confiscation trap is what I am calling the Putin Short, named after Vladimir Putin.  His investment position is to embrace what I have long called petrocurrency mercantilism; a national policy of smoothing out risk to the reserve currency (The money created by the Federal Reserve) by way of exporting domestic energy to growing nations.  Vladimir Putin himself is not a novel personality per se, but he’s just the first to be overtly vigorous in his establishment of this policy.  I call this a short position because its gains are only realized during reserve currency instability.  If Atlas shrugs and the reserve currency is ultimately undone, this framework rapidly descends into nations racing their monetary policies to the very, very bottom to promote energy exports, making nationalist warfare a very attractive means of wealth accumulation especially when it is conducted by an nearly-autonomous confiscation force.

As of today, the former Chief Economist of President Obama, Jared Bernstein, has written an article for New York Times, effectively asking to accelerate the world to embrace petrocurrency mercantilism by dethroning the dollar’s reserve status.  With the removal of the reserve currency, nations will have no choice but to manage their own relations and investments, both of which can be perceptibly solved via the Drone Long (the purchasing of nearly-autonomous security) and the Putin Short. (the exporting of energy to afford said nearly-autonomous security)

When freedom is achieved (The information revolution) the monopoly on force will reposition itself accordingly. (From financial to military in this case)  I have no clever, clickbait-friendly way to summarize this other than by saying the cycle of human suffering will continue well into the foreseeable future.


Censorship is not a top-down reaction chasing down an idea after it has gained popularity. That’s Fischer Price’s “My First Dictatorship“; some fairy tale plebs tell their children if they do bad things.

Real censorship is a multi-layered process. In order to prevent popularity of an idea, you have to prevent the idea from being spoken.

To get started, you foster an environment where everyone has their own subjective definition of every single word. This can be done by giving everyone nuggets of positive reinforcement (Henceforth referred to as “gold stars“) every time they perform behavior that demonstrates their willingness to create their own subjective lexicons. An example of this is to demonstrate clever-sounding hand-waving to describe a situation. The more grandiose the hand-waving, the bigger the gold star.

For instance, if the question is “Why did X happen?” then acceptable ways to get gold stars would be answers likes “God“, “racism“, “classism“, and other shallow attempts to display an understanding of more complex affairs without being held responsible to demonstrate mastery of such complexity. The interface for authority (Parents at first, then community leaders, then mass media) gives the gold star, and the Pavlovian response is established.

This is the first layer of censorship: Rewarding acceptable behavior. The source of these gold stars must be an interface for authority.

This creates the second layer: Associating positivity with interfaces of authority.

This naturally creates an environment where failure to provide gold stars (by failing to accept the hand-waving) is not just a simple misunderstanding of semantics, but is, instead, a direct call for violent, identity-preserving confrontation.

This is the third layer: Punishing those who do not provide gold stars. The interface for authority can never dole out the punishment since the positive Pavlovian reinforcement must never be broken. This means that the offended must be free and even encouraged to punish the offender.

For example, if the question was (“Why does X suffer?“) Party A displays standard hand-waving grandiosity (“Because Y oppresses them“) and Party B says that’s incomplete, (“But Y is a symptom of Z“) Party A will fly into a rage and intimidate Party B (By typically shouting, “You’re atheist/racist/sexist/terrorist/etc.“) until gold stars are procured. Only gold stars can satiate the rage. Once mired in confrontation for even the slightest miscommunication, ideas and words cannot be spread at all.

This is the fourth layer of censorship: Fear of confrontation. As people have ideas in the future, they must filter them against previous examples of communication-inspired conflict. The fear of confrontation will prevent them from sharing the idea. This, unfortunately, does not eliminate the idea, however, and the idea holder may still have their behavior influenced by that idea even subconsciously.

This creates the fifth layer of censorship: Self-censorship. Once fear of confrontation has taken hold as the law of the land, people will voluntarily eliminate their own ideas (and anything that is similar) out of fear that simply having them will provoke conflict.

Symbol Worship

The psychological phenomenon for seeing faces in clouds is called pareidolia. When prisoners are isolated in their cells, they come across a related event called the prisoner’s cinema, which results in them extracting a social context from the lights and halos they see. The mind will force itself to see social data even when there is none. This is the bias that science desperately tries, and usually fails, to overcome.

What happens when people are deprived of a deity? The conclusion is the same: They will see hallucinations of godliness. Instead of worshiping the symbols that previous powers have accumulated, they will invent new ones and worship those. Instead of crying about the mistreatment of some long forgotten yet holy people they’ve been told to identify with, they will identify with another social context and cry about its mistreatment.

This impulse to consolidate social relevance into a single symbol is explored and codified very heavily in a religion to the point of ritual, but just because you eschew a formal religion does not mean you’ve overcome the impulse. In fact, more often than not, it leaves you even more susceptible to worshiping a symbol over the reality it represents.

Our entire political system depends on the radical left never coming to this conclusion.

Karl Marx is a blood relative of the Rothschilds.

That awkward moment when you find out that Karl Marx, the architect of modern equality, is a member of the Rothschild bloodline, the architects of modern international banking.


Every Single Social Justice Crusade Helps The Oligarchy

Redistribution of wealth means to confiscate the assets of the weakest of the upper class (who are not savvy enough to buy legal protections against or bypass government force) into the lower classes so that they can spend their new-found income stream on the elite who dominate price controls.

Multiculturalism is a religion that teaches us that pre-Industrial non-Europeans are happy to work fourteen hour days in monotonous factory jobs or hard manual labor to produce cheap access to the basic goods that prop up post-Industrial European societies.

Identity politics is the modern tactic of “divide and conquer”.  The local concerns of one powerless group that can be spun to be antithetic to the local concerns of another powerless group.  As long as the powerless groups believe this, they will never unify against a common enemy.

Environmentalism is the religion that only the West is wise enough to wield the power of industrial growth and everyone else is too greedy or short-sighted to consume their own resources.

Equality is a conservative religion that declares human beings to be equally interchangeable widgets/processes within an industrial context.  From this belief, creative efforts can be extracted from the human without having to acknowledge tribal impulses.  The end result is that the powerless manage their creative potential in relation to the industrial context, resulting in minimal administrative effort for the elite.

Nationalized healthcare is the theory that subsidizing the poor with taxpayer money so they can afford insurance means that insurance companies won’t try to use the poor as human shields when they raise rates arbitrarily to access more taxpayer money.


Progressive Dependencies: Petrodollar and Exporting Inflation

As political materialism compels the United States to expand credit and domestic spending, the USD inflates.  This causes foreign nations to inflate their currency as well to lower the cost of their exports so Americans can continue purchasing exported goods with the now weaker USD. This process is a death spiral that saps wealth from America, first by destroying the purchasing power of the dollar, and again by driving the price of labor worldwide to even lower prices, allowing manufacturing (and now many services) to relocate abroad. This mechanism has been the primary cause of the tremendous wealth gains the rich have received since the 1970s.

Since the 1860s, there have been many attempts to “modernize” the world. This pressure comes from industrial age titans (and the banking cartels who promote inflation to justify their position) seeking new markets to emulate previous growth and maintain the progressive narrative that “the future is always better.” However, societies that have never had an industrial revolution cannot consume industrial age goods profitably.  Therefore, the only option left is to transfer wealth from the original industrial nations into these post-Iron Age societies so that they will demand the goods of the industrial age titans. The petrodollar (Needing USD to buy the oil that powers the infrastructure to get your labor modernized) and exporting inflation (race-to-the-bottom wages for said labor) are the vehicles for that transference.

The moral smoke screen for this entire operation since the 1940s has been the “religion of equality” where the “noble savages” who have failed to demonstrate a technological mastery over nature have “so much wisdom to teach us” while previously successful industrial societies are “evil, racist, imperialists who need to atone.” This guilt-based narrative is the lash that forces compliance of even the most destabilizing of immigration policies, union destruction, tax reforms, corporate bailouts, identity politics, and every other manifestation of the “progressive agenda“.

Progressive Dependencies: Petrodollar and Exporting Inflation

Don’t let the environmentalist narrative and the promises of alternative energy confuse you. Without foreign oil consumption, progressives would be unable to fund their socialist utopia.  Not only have time-saving machines allowed for the end of slavery and the rise of feminism, they have also magnified the shell game of financial capitalism, causing the “liberated” demographics to be the permanent vanguard of the financial elite.

The Theory of Fracturing Monocultures


The Internet has allowed a person to decouple their information experience  from their physical characteristics. For example, a tall, white American male of heterosexual preference can legitimately create a persona of a short, black Nigerian female of homosexual preference and as long as he can explain what such an identity means to him, then others will be forced to accept that identity as valid because there are no other points of reference to utilize.  As a result of this, a tremendous explosion of identity-oriented relationships have compelled people to accept the self-identification of another, regardless of other contributing factors of identity. This has resulted in turning every single person on the internet into an identity extremist. In this case study, I will put forth a theory on how to fracture these self-forming monocultures of identity so that they become trapped in a state of diminishing returns.

Actors: /pol/

First, we shall examine an identity known as /pol/. /pol/ is a political board on 4chan. People who self-identify as European nationalist (and related identities) as well as those who oppose such views tend to congregate there. The structure of the communication is just as important as the communication itself. It is anonymous by default. There are no user accounts and no history of usage as contributions to the board ultimately get deleted after a short time. Any identity criteria are voluntary and can be changed on a per post basis. The structure of communication allows for an extremely flexible expression of self-identification, and ironically, the mass amount of participants of the board rarely deviate from a European nationalist identity.

The only people who exploit said flexibility are those who opposed to the European nationalist identity. Very commonly, threads are derailed, content will be intentionally pushed off of the main page, and off-topic threads quickly dominate the content space.  This results in perpetual agitation of the main community. However, because of their adherence to free speech, they refuse to fix this via policy and rarely issue bans even upon the most coordinated attempts of agitation. The agitation does not provide any significant criteria for education or conversion and, instead, is rooted in achieving identity revenge and low-hanging social justice objectives.

This fixation comes from the European nationalist identity being considered the most evil and disgusting of all identities since the rise of globalism. Because of this permanent friction, the European nationalist identity doubles down and takes a permanently defensive position, certain that at every possible moment, an agitator will very overtly attempt to provoke him because of his identity preference. Paranoia dominates the typical exchange, but when self-identity is expressed and mutually appreciated, the participants resonate in a much more meaningful fashion. They generally have collective enemies, (the internationalist Jewish banking system) collective heroes, (Military conquerors) collective fears, (Heritage displacement) and collective utopias. (Homogeneity)

In short, in order for someone to embrace a self-identification that the entirety of western civilization has spent the last 70 years actively demonizing and, in most cases, have made illegal, there must be excessively compelling reasons for one to participate that go beyond the typical polemics and knee-jerk assumptions third-party observers are trained to repeat.

Actors: Pixel-based Feminism

In addition to allowing illegal and morally reprehensible self-identifications, the Internet also contains politically-sponsored and morally righteous self-identifications as well. Pixel-based Feminism is a self-identification where one engages in the expressions of female supremacy through electronic mediums. (Supremacy in relation to their current socioeconomic position, not in the absolutist sense) It has a massive social support network spanning high-traffic blog sites, content propagators, and forums that are highly identity-oriented. The structure of communication is based largely on point systems for social status. Views, followers, upvotes, comments, downloads, retweets, favorites, and many other arbitrary metrics are used isolate and deeply quantify the value of one person over another.

The primary way to game this economic system is through identity consolidation where anything that provides bombastic worship for female supremacy is considered good, while anything that does not is considered worthy of a fatwa. This incredibly simple consolidation is intuitive even to the newest of participants. Ironically, this self-identity has deep historical roots utilizing the most flexible interpretations of identity politics to its favor, but it is regulated by a very rigid regime of social status. None the less, they enjoy a monoculture that can be summoned on command to game non-anonymous systems very efficiently.

These various point-based status systems helps assist in the purging of agitators, and thus, reducing the exposure to criticisms which ultimately forms a monoculture. Free speech, as it is commonly understood in the West, is not tolerated and the status system helps eliminate that as well. Because being cut off from the identity consolidation greatly reduces one’s chances at gaming the system, internal conflicts are rare, but quickly sorted out. They generally have collective enemies, (the patriarchy) collective heroes, (Feminist authors and sociologists) collective fears, (Loss of influence) and collective utopias. (Equality)

In short, as long as one subscribes to the idea that a quantifiable status system helps  propagate emotional expressions, an individual will orient their self-identify in the interests of identity consolidation instead of one rooted in personal conclusions. Conflict is frequently avoided and constantly self-corrected. Foreign ideas have zero impact on the community as a whole.

The Theory

As a result of the difference in these communication structures, /pol/ is under constant criticism from feminist efforts (and affiliated identities they have collected over the century). Feminists, however, are very successful at protecting their monoculture through a layered approach:

  • Feminist accusations of social inferiority are designed to win maximum consensus from unaffiliated audiences. When such people hear the branding of “sexist” or “racist” they will automatically equate the branded as “evil”
  • Once branded as such, there is no way to achieve salvation. There is no bankruptcy process, penance, or jubilee event. The branding is designed to be permanent so that the branded is unable to extract any social influence whatsoever. Apologies are considered weakness and/or disingenuous.  The branded must submit to the will of the brander for all time.
  • Since they are ultimately trying to achieve points for their status systems, they can conduct mass branding on a fairly consistent basis while finding ways to reduce the amount of effort and increase the efficiency of that branding.
  • Because they can summon mobs by appealing to identity consolidation, they are able to shout down any opposing idea, and thus, protect themselves from non-feminist criticism.
  • If pressed hard enough, they can appeal to the legal system and try their luck at finding protection behind civil rights legislation.

On the outside, they appear to be invincible. However, upon closer inspection of the status system, it is actually an imperial monoculture, not a voluntary one. Meaning, one has to submit their will to the identity consolidation to achieve leveraged gains. This means if two participants of the Feminist identity self-identify themselves as women, but one woman self-identifies some other aspect of herself as one thing while another woman self-identifies that same aspect as something else, conflict will occur because that aspect’s influence will result in non-approved strategies to game the status system, and thus, be considered cheating.

This tiny difference, when compounded enough over time, can result in a fracturing of the monoculture. In theory, if a European nationalist identity could be proven to exist in that monoculture, then they would be targeted by the same branding they have judiciously handed out to others. Because this European nationalist identity is so closely tied to the common enemy of Feminism, (the patriarchy) not only would the monoculture be fractured, but those branded as “racist” will have to spend far more of their status influence just to participate in the monoculture, let alone command it as they previously had. Because the branding is eternal and irredeemable, when exposed to sustained branding, their entire apparatus will cost far more energy to operate than it puts out, and thus, put the monoculture into a state of diminishing returns.

The Evolution of the Social Justice Orthodoxy

One should always know the history of any religion they believe they are a part of.

The Marxian concept of class consciousness started by trying to leverage the yields of the Industrial Age to bring about a material version of European Christian redemption. As it failed to fulfill its promises, the thunderous applause it commanded at the beginning of the 20th century mutated into a desperate and often clumsy cacophony of identity politics. As this game of minority musical chairs evolved, the band continuously played the siren song of an unattainable yet highly romantic idea of equality. Such intoxicating chords acted as a factory that manufactured new political identities on demand. The outcome is obvious: If every person believes that the unattainable equality can only be achieved by replacing social interaction with self-regulating echo chambers of identity, then all methods of communication will carry an additional volume of risk that cannot be offset.  Manufacturing political identities, then, is the only way the elite can retain control in the Age of Information.


Equality, the central theme for every permutation of social justice, is actually a religion.

A gradient chart showing the evolution of social justice theory over time.

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