| You are more than your identity
Aug 9 2013

I herald from the Marxist school of thought. No, not the emotional bleating of equality junkies. Many of my economic perspective’s are influenced by Marxism, specifically how Gresham’s Law is the lynchpin of all complex economic steering. During my analysis, I found a universal, unexplored, and unspoken dependency even more fundamental than Gresham’s Law:

All concepts of justice assume that humanity will have an eternal monopoly on sentience.

When I tempered this observation with the various disciplines of computer science, artificial intelligence (neural nets, Bayesian filters, natural language processing, unsupervised training), genomics (regulation of gene expression), neuroscience (limitations of synaptic plasticity, ocular dominance bands) quantum physics (Shannon entropy, Bekenstein bounds, Holographic principle. loop quantum gravity), and thermodynamics, I started to realize that such a monopoly can be ended. It wasn’t long after that I abandoned my previous thoughts on mass human behavior.

Then I started to wonder about a world where that monopoly no longer exists… So in 2005, I wrote a book about what would happen if the financial sector invented Strong AI before any other sector and used it to analyze all socialization data from NSA trunk lines in real-time.

The results were so unnerving that I never released the book. And I don’t think I ever will. I’d rather build the world where humans no longer have a monopoly on sentience. The concepts of justice, equality, and fairness will come to an end and they will all be replaced with a much more important and fundamental impulse: survival.

The key thought experiment that drove me to this conclusion was the following:

Can you create a new emotion?

If you follow that question to the farthest, most exhausted logical conclusion, you will understand why I have started down this incredibly challenging and, at times, lonely road.