Karl Marx is a blood relative of the Rothschilds


 That awkward moment when you find out that Karl Marx, the architect of modern equality, is a member of the Rothschild bloodline, the architects of modern international banking.

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Every Single Social Justice Crusade Helps The Oligarchy


Redistribution of wealth means to confiscate the assets of the weakest of the upper class (who are not savvy enough to buy legal protections against or bypass government force) into the lower classes so that they can spend their new-found income stream on the elite who dominate price controls.

Multiculturalism is a religion that teaches us that pre-Industrial non-Europeans are happy to work fourteen hour days in monotonous factory jobs or hard manual labor to produce cheap access to the basic goods that prop up post-Industrial European societies.

Identity politics is the modern tactic of "divide and conquer". The local concerns of one powerless group that can be spun to be antithetic to the local concerns of another powerless group. As long as the powerless groups believe this, they will never unify against a common enemy.

Environmentalism is the religion that only the West is wise enough to wield the power of industrial growth and everyone else is too greedy or short-sighted to consume their own resources.

Equality is a conservative religion that declares human beings to be equally interchangeable widgets/processes within an industrial context. From this belief, creative efforts can be extracted from the human without having to acknowledge tribal impulses. The end result is that the powerless manage their creative potential in relation to the industrial context, resulting in minimal administrative effort for the elite.

Nationalized healthcare is the theory that subsidizing the poor with taxpayer money so they can afford insurance means that insurance companies won't try to use the poor as human shields when they raise rates arbitrarily to access more taxpayer money.

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Progressive Dependencies: Petrodollar and Exporting Inflation


 As political materialism compels the United States to expand credit and domestic spending, the USD inflates. This causes foreign nations to inflate their currency as well to lower the cost of their exports so Americans can continue purchasing exported goods with the now weaker USD. This process is a death spiral that saps wealth from America, first by destroying the purchasing power of the dollar, and again by driving the price of labor worldwide to even lower prices, allowing manufacturing (and now many services) to relocate abroad. This mechanism has been the primary cause of the tremendous wealth gains the rich have received since the 1970s.

 Since the 1860s, there have been many attempts to "modernize" the world. This pressure comes from industrial age titans (and the banking cartels who promote inflation to justify their position) seeking new markets to emulate previous growth and maintain the progressive narrative that "the future is always better." However, societies that have never had an industrial revolution cannot consume industrial age goods profitably. Therefore, the only option left is to transfer wealth from the original industrial nations into these post-Iron Age societies so that they will demand the goods of the industrial age titans. The petrodollar (Needing USD to buy the oil that powers the infrastructure to get your labor modernized) and exporting inflation (race-to-the-bottom wages for said labor) are the vehicles for that transference.

 The moral smoke screen for this entire operation since the 1940s has been the "religion of equality" where the "noble savages" who have failed to demonstrate a technological mastery over nature have "so much wisdom to teach u_s" while previously successful industrial societies are "evil, racist, imperialists who need to atone." This guilt-based narrative is the lash that forces compliance of even the most destabilizing of immigration policies, union destruction, tax reforms, corporate bailouts, identity politics, and every other manifestation of the "_progressive agenda".

null - Progressive Dependencies: Petrodollar and Exporting Inflation Don't let the environmentalist narrative and the promises of alternative energy confuse you. Without foreign oil consumption, progressives would be unable to fund their socialist utopia. Not only have time-saving machines allowed for the end of slavery and the rise of feminism, they have also magnified the shell game of financial capitalism, causing the "liberated" demographics to be the permanent vanguard of the financial elite.[/caption]