The War On Spontaneous Global Organization


 The Internet has allowed anyone to partake in the massive coordination of human effort that has been historically reserved for Pharaohs... and the Pharaohs are upset that their monopoly on human effort has competition. This impulse to engage in "spontaneous global organization" is the most promising aspect of the Internet, however, various channels that frequently nurture such organization have been under attack. Here is a list of fronts within the Pharaoh's war against spontaneous global organization:

 To the uninitiated, each of these fronts appear to be unrelated to the other. However, when you frame each involved technology and community within the context of suppressing spontaneous global organization, you can quickly see how they are related... and how they are being attacked by powerful banking, authority, and cultural entities. Unfortunately, each targeted actor has a very large surface area to exploit which is only made larger by the assumption that they alone they are under attack.

 One might argue that social media allows for spontaneous global organization, which is true. Therefore, I should refine my definition to eliminate confusion. There are certain "spontaneous" organizational manifestations that are authorized, such as the entirely predictable schema of identity politics. (Black vs. White, Male vs. Female, Red vs. Blue, and other examples of false dichotomy) These breeds of schema utilize a considerable amount of effort to appear spontaneous and global, but this is nothing more than hacking morality via minimal effort photo opportunities. With the heavy individual curation of social media to promote filter bubbles and echo chambers, social media exacerbates the illusion that the content one experiences is part of a larger spontaneous global organization when, in reality, it is not.

 The spontaneous global organization I am speaking of does not engage in identity warfare. In fact, the first thing such organizations sacrifice is identity. This provides a significant challenge for the post-war leadership as their entire model of rule requires the infinite exploitation of identity. Therefore, it will be important to develop sociological and governance theorems that explore how rule of law can be established in a world where labor and creativity can spontaneously appear and then vaporize. Otherwise, the powers that be will continue to waste energy and assets in suppressing the culmination of such a world.

After sixty-five years, France finally admits the end of Continental National Socialism


 Continental National Socialism is the organizational method that emerges from the confluence of Swiss banking influence, German export dominance, and the remnants of French and Dutch colonial power suckling off of British and American geopolitical activity. This, of course, is not the widely held definition and for those who are not American, it's important to understand the American reactionary's love affair with what they perceive to be Continental National Socialism.

 For our American reactionary "friends" (I.E.: The people we have to endure because we are all forced onto one planet), Continental National Socialism is believed to be a perfect utopia where all ills go away and people are magically endowed with rights and protections to live as carefree high-brow artists and critical thinkers forever. This is not a recent belief. This perception is a core tenet of American reactionary culture despite their insistence to change masks every ten years.

The Euro Zone has slashed its corporate tax by 10% over the last ten years which has helped fuel government debt to keep the socialism train going. Throw in a 2008 world crisis and a few national bankruptcies a la Greece and what are you left with? You're left with an insidious and convoluted bailout-for-immigrant swap.

 The British raised concerns over such ambitions from Brussels about six months ago on May 10th, 2015. This warning was punctuated by the Rotterdam rape storm. The pro-feminism, pro-social justice media narrative has been working overtime to suppress the propagation of Rotterdam-like events. They have successfully refused to make any mention about the large volume of rapes by immigrants infecting Sweden since a wave of military-aged Middle Eastern males entered their countries en masse.

France has previously felt the sting of its future cheap labor supply in 2005 and this week, they've felt it again. They gave a silent nod to French Nationalist Marine Le Pen by shutting down their borders in response to recent terrorist attacks, but even this is just a dog-and-pony show.

France is a protectionist organization that promotes political affiliates and union votes. This arrangement will not be able to hold in the face of Brussels and their desire to implement the American labor model (cheap immigrants for what cannot be outsourced) across Europe. France has already seen the benefits of outsourcing government, defense, and manufacturing contracts and the time is coming to extrapolate this across their entire economy.

 Bastions of Continental National Socialism such as France have relied on deep levels of union political integration since the end of World War 2. However, the profit model such unions have relied on required post-war construction growth. That cannot compete against the model of wage stagnation and international labor arbitrage. Muslim immigrants are essential for Europe's transition into wage stagnation, so not only are they the vanguard of injecting Islamic culture into Europe, they are also the front line of injecting American capitalism as well.

 Through mass cheap labor, Europe will get the wage stagnation they desperately need to mitigate the previous period of socialist extravagance attached to Euro valuations. This will transform the current European assisted class into a permanently semi-employed dependent class. The nature of this dependency will be ideally expressed as ritual election season teeth-grinding as one generation of worker blends into a cheaper generation of worker. However, that dependency presents opportunities to revitalize 1930s socialism via the nationalization of labor, especially in countries that have few opportunities with international labor arbitrage.

 The fall of Continental National Socialism has been passionately resisted by American reactionaries for their entire ideological livelihood. It's almost a rite of passage among these types to say "I wish we were more like Europe." As it turns out, they might get their wish after all.

We Are All Terrorists Now


 When the music industry was undermined by file distribution software, people who downloaded files were called terrorists.

 When the news industry was under attack from social media, people who didn't blindly recite The NarrativeĀ® were called terrorists.

 When the financial industry melted down in 2008 and BitCoin rose to challenge central banking, people who used them were called terrorists.

 When the university industry came under attack due to self-learning programs on the Internet, people who were capable of teaching themselves were called terrorists.

 When the telecom industry comes under attack due to widespread usage of open source streaming platforms, those people who live stream will be called terrorists.

 When the labor industry can no longer compete against an autonomous robotic workforce, those people who use them will be called terrorists.

 If you adapt to the destruction of these monopolies and survive, you are a terrorist. If you cling to the old ways and suffer, you are a good citizen.