Gnostic Warfare - Primer

The events at Portland today involving Andy Ngo have made it abundantly clear that city officials, foreign money, police chiefs, federal law officials, and entrenched political families in the West Coast are pulling the strings for a widespread intimidation strategy in advance of the 2020 elections. Anyone expecting militias, citizens, police, private contractors, journalists, moral figures, thought leaders, or any part of the American legal system to effectively counter the actions of these hopelessly brainwashed and violent mobs is not only a fool, but has intentionally lived a sheltered life where they actively avoid ever being targeted by such intimidation. Many of us have spent years adapting to the round-the-clock watch by leftist media opportunists, federal panopticon surveillance, and Silicon Valley twerps who abuse their positions for Right Side of History points. It's time to put that training to use and start implementing Gnostic Warfare tactics to target the AIs that power Antifa.

What is Antifa?

 Antifa is not a "grass-roots" movement. It's not a reaction against fascism. Antifa is the manifestion that Chris Hedges warned us when he stated a need for the professional revolutionist in 2014. Yes, Antifa has a storied history in Europe, but what happened between pre-World War 2 and now? Did Antifa motivations take a seventy year vacation just because the Americans and Russians forced Germany to surrender? Of course not. Antifa is not a philosophy... it is a tactic.

 In 2008, the powers that be determined stealing all of our land and bailing out foriengers over US citizens was the way to recovery. This means that the United States became a vassal of the globalization it expended ludicrous amounts of military assets to secure. To ensure perpetual vassalization, domestic enforcement is required and Antifa is one of several candidates contending to be the primary means of that enforcement. If you have objections to corporations lobbying to redirect your healthcare contributions into non-citizen cheap labor as a sign-on bonus, Antifa is angling to be one of several models of last-stop enforcement to be deployed to ensure policy compliance.

What is Gnostic Warfare?

Gnostic Warfare is a holistic analysis of attack vectors focused on compromising the common elements shared between multiple modes of cognition. This means exploring the weaknesses of Kurweilian singularities, posthuman neurochimera, hiveminds, and neural network ecosystems. (I'll refer to these as "gnostic constructs" from here on out) I'm very certain you are currently unable to connect the relationships between these mythical congitive constructs and Antifa, but hear me out because the connection is there.

 Employees within Silicon Valley sympathize heavily with Antifa and act on that sympathy in the form of material assistance, intelligence support, and coordination. Such employees might:

  • Tweak algorithms to provide favoritism in search results.
  • Heavily favor ad placement for Antifa-friendly parties.
  • Intentionally watering down facial recognition technology to protect individual Antifa members.
  • Altering or hiding data requested by law enforcement that might identify core Antifa leadership.
  • Providing blackmail from their massive data collection operations on police chiefs, police unions, and city officials to reduce law enforcement effectiveness.

 With such corporate backing, sympathetic tech workers are most certainly tuning their AI strategies to provide support their Antifa comrades. Identifying such technical favoritism means cutting off identifiying the employees around those AI products.

 Google isn't the only backer of Antifa. They also have help from powerful corporations and well-funded political machines. Each of these backers provide money, training, and intelligence support for Antifa. Each of these supporters have dependencies on artificial intelligence, neural networks, machine learning, and data science. The goal is to identify how Silicon Valley is utilizing these gnostic constructs and then undermining them. With the training review, you will be able to identify corrupt public officials, detect money laundering between shadow players, identify weaknesses of sympathetic billionaires and corporate board members, use metadata and signals analysis to discover ineffective law enforcement practices that favor Antifa, and uncover the bribes of dishonest journalists... all from targeting the AI ecosystems of several companies.

Why focus on AI over political battlegrounds or street demonstrations?

The dream of every social justice princeling is to have an army of perfectly loyal machines ensuring reality complies to their moral framework. Low maintenance, low energy costs, and low feedback is exactly the type of enforcement schedule that social justice advocates yearn for. Therefore, social justice at peak efficiency requires gnostic constructs as enforcers, first as a policy of nudging, then as social enforcers, then as physical goons.

AI security does not exist and those working on it are mired in a naive monoculture that can be fractured. Every weakness in these princeling fantasies of total control starts with a human operator whose work is essential for the performance of various gnostic constructs. Once the operator is discovered, they can be made to influence the results of a machine learning process, a data science policy, or a data lake query. Antifa unknowingly relies on a large number of AI policies that amplify their legal and cultural infallibility.

 In short, with Gnostic Warfare training, you will be able to identify AI dependencies that empower Antifa and manipulate them to reduce their legal protections and operational capacity.

Gnostic Warfare - Overview

Strategic Overview

  • Demonstrate why now is the best possible time for Gnostic Warfare.
  • Provide context and motivation to identify and extract under-leveraged civilian intelligence assets.
  • Provide a comprehensive technical, intelligence, security, and organizational training regime to maximize investigative and analytical performance.
  • Identify entry-level targets for assets to confirm the fidelity of the training regime.
  • Generate pre-made technical packages and organizational platforms to simplify investigative and analytical performance and scale.
  • Foster the open transmission of effective technique, technology, and resource sharing.
  • Identify key nodes of Big Tech organizations with proximity to AI platforms.
  • Identify AI policies and training being used to assist Antifa.
  • Identify the source of those AI policy implementations.
  • Identify ways to disrupt, deny, undermine, adjust, or capture operational efficiency of pro-Antifa AI policies.

Recruitment Overview

  • Corporate interests requires an infinite supply of cheap labor to fulfill employment mandates from government pressures, profit/dividend pressures from shareholders, and social justice pressures from long-term mass media cultural conditioning.
  • These interests drive aggressive immigration policies for cheap labor which is reducing opportunity for competent programmers and knowledge workers who don't conform to social justice advocacy.
  • Nationalist backlash from 2008 has driven corporations to back socialist enforcers in a desperate attempt to keep cheap labor flowing, resulting in nearly every single major Democratic presidential candidate for the 2020 United State presidential election campaign to openly advocate for some variant of basic income. Basic income policies will ensure a rapid, "guilt-free" acceleration of knowledge worker displacement in favor of cheap (and often incompetent) knowledge workers.
  • Socialist enforcers will continue to receive corporate backing to ramp up the incarceration, imprisonment, legal intimidating, and social elimination of anyone who demonstrates a threat to cheap labor access.
  • These pressures, when combined, will create a massive pool of talent to pick from for Gnostic Warfare.
  • Additionally, geopolitical pressures that contribute to the raising of interest rates will significantly disrupt corporate profits, resulting in large scale layoffs of knowledge workers.
  • These displaced knowledge workers will possess valuable information regarding legacy systems and organizational habits of Big Tech.

Training Overview

  • Utilize reliable distribution platforms for training materials and instructive interactions.
  • Identify, gather, and distribute effective training material on the following domains for all expertise levels: Programming, developer pperations, organization creation and maintenance, investigative techniques, data analysis, communication discipline, data security, operational security, open source intelligence
  • Iteratively confirm efficacy of training for students.
  • Identify shortcomings in training material gathering, distribution, and retention against the production of intelligence assets.

Organizational Overview

  • Determine organizational partitioning and unit composition for a variety of ratios calculated from operational effectiveness, security surface defensibility, intelligence generation, discovery costs, conversion costs, training costs, and attrition rates. (Discord, amazingly, has all of this data)
  • Test operational cohesion, fidelity, discipline, and resilience of organizational tiers against adversaries along the following timelines: Reactionary (one day to a week), ideological (one week to two years), rival (perpetual low-intensity opportunism), and institutional timelines (Perpetual high-intensity opportunism)
  • Evaluate diminishing returns of unit management from operational capacity, inbound and outbound data flow, and meme flow. (Proxy for morale)
  • Identify tooling to easily evaluate unit performance.
  • Identify techniques to minimize onboarding difficulty.
  • Identify techniques to track and maximize recommendation behavior.
  • Identify and calculate costs for emergency scaling of unit composition.
  • Iterate organizational efficiency towards on-demand, low-cost, low-secrecy, high-communication pipelines and resources AND DO SO WITH THE INTENTIONAL PURPOSE OF INCREASING ORGANIZATIONAL COMPLEXITY TO LEVELS NO SINGLE CENTRAL OFFICER CAN MANAGE (This will make sense later when mosaic strategies start coming online)

Technical Overview

  • Identify ways and means to effective acquire and distribute compute resources and equipment for operational use.
  • Analyze the political and operational risk of various collaboration platforms.
  • Establish collective data accumulation and analysis strategies.
  • Define protocols to allow institutional knowledge between units to quickly migrate between platforms willing to carry the costs for discovery. (*"Data is an asset, compute is a liability"* strategy)
  • Identify means of procuring and improving intelligence and communication tooling.


Gnostic Warfare - Resources Overview

Here is a list of searchable links that will give you insights on how to use open source intelligence (OSINT) resources to discover useful information.